10 ways start-up bosses can strike a good work/life balance

POSTED: 12th February 2013
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There is a lot of excitement involved in setting up a new business, which requires bundles of time and energy to ensure it is a success.

undefinedHowever, this can be taxing on both the individual and his or her loved ones, so it is essential they strike a decent work/life balance.

1. Work stress is almost unavoidable as a small business owner but it can lead to a wealth of health problems so learn to de-stress by incorporating regular exercise into a daily routine.

2. It might seem like taking a few days off is out of the question, but not only will this help a boss to unwind, it will give them the break they need so they return to work with more energy and increased productivity. 

3. Although many new business owners struggle to leave the reins with somebody else, they have to learn to pass on responsibility. This will help to free up some much-needed spare time.

4. Make the most of spare time. That could be sharing it with friends and family, or simply lying back with a book. Whatever a boss enjoys, it should not involve checking company-related emails.

5. The daily commute can be a great way to catch up on unrelated tasks or aims. If a few birthday emails need to be sent, why not do this from the comfort of a train seat. If the car is a must, use this time to create a work-free mind frame.

6. Set aside quality time to spend with partners or family. This will help with repairing any negative feelings caused by an initial over-emphasis on getting the business off the ground.

7. Weekends are supposed to be about giving us a break so do not use them to catch up on unfinished tasks. Instead, switch off the internet and enjoy a hobby instead.

8. During working hours, ensure tasks are not rushed to meet client demands, but give them the attention they need to ensure maximum outcomes.

9. As a business owner begins to adapt to their new schedule they can gradually reduce their working hours to a more appropriate pace.

10. Lastly, always deliver on promises to family and friends so they do not feel they have lost someone they cherish to a new business venture.

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