Insulated Tools Ltd

ITL manufactures and sells unique injection molded tools to electricians and professionals within the industry. The quality of their products is key to their success; each and every one is designed, developed and tested not only to withstand the harshest and toughest environments out there, but with the end user’s safety as paramount importance. Now ITL wants every professional out there to be using their uniquely branded, bright orange insulated tools!

The journey

When Mark Wardle bought the business, he had big plans for it.  He wanted to grow it and needed a partner that would join him on that journey. When the high street banks said no, we took a look at the numbers, understood where Mark wanted to take the business and then supported him to build his plan.  But it wasn’t just about the numbers, as Mark himself states, “people buy from people” and a great working relationship has been the building blocks for a long lasting relationship. 

Having a flexible Invoice Finance solution and the right funding has enabled Mark to buy new state of the art equipment and expand, allowing the business to become a global player.   

A fabulous relationship

“You need to have a fabulous relationship with your bank, you need to have a fabulous relationship with the person who represents your bank, and we have that will Aldermore. Which is why we have this partnership.”

Mark Wardle – Owner, ITL

“Aldermore are proud to be chosen to be a part of that as their preferred partner, we offer and continue to offer tailored, flexible made to measure facilities and it’s a pleasure to work with them”

Pete Birch – Relationship Manager

Don't let a lack of available funding hold your business back. Aldermore made to measure Invoice finance can give you the flexibility you need to embrace new opportunities as they happen, helping you achieve your goals, just like ITL did. Now is the time to see how Invoice Finance can help your business grow.

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