Which businesses were you loving this Valentine’s day?

POSTED: 15th February 2016
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This year, we spent our Valentine’s Day thinking about some of the inspiring, innovative businesses we love.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Maybe you went out to a posh restaurant or a fancy cocktail bar. Or perhaps you stayed at home and cooked a romantic meal. At Aldermore, we spent our Valentine’s Day thinking about some of the amazing businesses that we love. Businesses that are ambitious and work tirelessly to achieve their dreams and continue to grow.

Last month, the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards celebrated the individuals and businesses that are constantly working to push the industry forward. Let us know on Twitter which businesses you’re loving right now, here are a couple of ours…

Acorn Stairlifts are an international, family owned business with over 1,400 employees, and offices in Australia, America, South Africa, and across Europe. Their hard work was acknowledged at this year’s EEF Future Manufacturing Awards, when they took home the Outstanding Export Award, Winner of Winners Award and runner up in the Business Growth Award.

Fracino have made a name for themselves thanks to their magnificent cappuccino and espresso coffee machines, which can be found in coffee shops, hotels and restaurants in over 70 countries around the world. They were awarded runner-up in the Smart Product Award category at this year’s EEF Future Manufacturing Awards.

GE Aviation became famous for providing all types of aviation engines. Their innovative team are always working to unlock new opportunities and take their productivity to the next level and at this year’s EEF Future Manufacturing Awards, Jonathan Elley, one of their apprentices, won the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Renshaw Baking have spent over 100 years supplying bakers around the world with delicious frosting, icing, marzipan and more. They came home from the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards with the Developing People Award and runner-up in the Outstanding Export Award.

So, these are just a few of the businesses we were loving on Valentine’s Day. Let us know which businesses you love via our Twitter!

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