MicroBizMattersDay: recognising and promoting the UK’s thriving micro business community

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MicroBizMattersDay sees supporters around the world come together to provide help, guidance and advice to micro enterprise owners.

The 8th of January 2016 marks the second annual MicroBizMattersDay, an event aimed at giving micro business (fewer than 10 employees) owners the help they need to grow their business and achieve success.

Micro businesses currently account for a whopping 96 per cent (over 5.2 million) of all enterprises in the UK, employing around 8.4 million people. This figure has been growing rapidly in recent years - there has been a 55 per cent growth in the number of UK micro businesses since 2000.

However, despite the benefits the micro business community offers to the economy, their needs are often not well represented, leaving them feeling as though they are being ignored and forgotten about. MicroBizMattersDay was created by Tony Robinson and Tina Boden to give micro businesses both the recognition they deserve and the help and guidance they need to succeed.

The idea behind this year’s MicroBizMattersDay is for people to donate at least 8 minutes of their time to help micro business owners everywhere. What you do with your 8 minutes is completely up to you, but the three themes for this year are ‘customers’, ‘cashflow’ and ‘chat’.

‘Customers’ is all about giving micro businesses the recognition they deserve. Larger businesses are encouraged to promote their favourite micro business customers, both online and offline throughout the day. Customers are also encouraged to promote their favourite micro businesses, or buy items from micro businesses, rather than larger companies.

‘Cashflow’ focusses on one of the major issues faced by micro businesses: late payments. For this, businesses are being encouraged to recognise businesses that pay on time.

Finally, ‘chat’ is all about creating conversations, allowing micro businesses to network, sharing tips and building relationships.

On the 8th of January, Tony Robinson, Tina Bowden and a variety of other supporters will be live-streaming from 9am until 5pm, covering a variety of different micro business topics, from home businesses to collaboration.

At Aldermore, we pride ourselves on supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes and, for MicroBizMattersDay, we want to share 8 helpful tips for micro businesses. To allow us to do this, we need you to let us know what’s holding your business back.

So, if you’ve got a question you want to ask, a problem you’re facing or a challenge you need to overcome, tweet us using the hashtag #Aldermore8Ball and we’ll provide helpful advice and guidance.

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