Opportunity for employers to co-design Degree Apprenticeships

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During the recent National Apprenticeship Week the Prime Minister announced the roll-out of degree apprenticeships – degree-level apprenticeship programmes.

undefinedThese degree apprenticeships will bring together the best of higher and vocational education and will mean apprentices achieve a full bachelor’s or master’s degree as part of their apprenticeship. They involve employers, universities and professional bodies working in partnerships. Apprentices are employed throughout, and spend part of their time at university and part with their employer. Employers and universities will have the flexibility to decide how best to structure the training programme. Apprentices will complete a rigorous end assessment which tests both the wider occupational competence and academic learning required for success in that profession, in this case incorporating a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Learners earn while they learn to a degree level, and can acquire a degree without taking out a penny in loans. They also have the security that their host employer will become their future permanent employer. Indeed three-quarters of manufacturers say all their apprentices stay with them permanently after completing their training. Employers will benefit by having access to relevant, responsive, quality provision, whereas for too long businesses have been left frustrated that they cannot demand the provision they need.

With changes to the apprenticeships model which put employers firmly in the driving seat, degree apprenticeships will give employers even more control. They will give them the opportunity to co-design degree apprenticeships and the purchasing power to buy the training provision from their desired institution. 

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