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The political conference season begins this week as the Labour Party heads to Manchester to discuss the key challenges for the economy in the year ahead.

undefinedundefinedAs Aldermore strongly hopes to see SME issues on the agenda for all three parties, over the next few weeks the Bank will be celebrating budding businesses in each of the party conference destination cities, beginning with Manchester.

Little Sports coaching

Founded by sports lover Craig Brennan, Little Sports is a leading provider of football schools, sports coaching and dance workshops, helping many schools and nurseries deliver their PE curriculum as well as running activity-based children’s parties.

“We aim to ensure that every child who participates in one of our programmes not only learns but has fun,” comments Brennan. “Sports can bring many things to a child: confidence, self-esteem, friendship, creativity, a healthy lifestyle and much more.”

Fred Aldous

The enterprising origins of this Manchester craft shop began when founder and cotton mill worker Fred Aldous had the ingenious idea to begin importing cane to produce baskets for traders transporting cotton in 1886. With the decline of the cotton trade, Aldous’ son and successor, also named Fred, decided to re-focus on selling craft products, and despite a flood, two world wars and several fires, the family-run independent store is still going strong 128 years later.

MHA Lighting

MHA lighting are carrying on Britain’s tradition for high-quality manufacturing, creating innovative new LED lighting technology that has won numerous awards, including a Made in the North West award in 2013. The company prides itself on creating highly tailored solutions to fit the needs of each client and has been responsible for many major lighting projects, from Manchester Airport to the NEC in Birmingham.

Grant Erskine architects

Northern Irish-born Grant Erskine discovered a passion for architecture from design mentor Alan Patterson. After completing seven years of architectural study at Manchester University, he decided to set up his own business. Despite launching in the depths of the recession in 2010, Grant Erskine architects has prospered thanks to a flexible approach designed to offer bespoke services based on the requirements of each project.

Hiring Hub

Recently named as one of the five businesses to watch in the Startups Young Guns awards, Hiring Hub is a an online portal that gives recruitment agencies the chance to tender for contracts from employers, used by the likes of the NHS. Aldermore has previously spoken to co-founder Simon Swan, who comments:

“I just don’t think I could do anything else; I think I’ll always be running my own business or self-employed. It just gives you that control over your own destiny.”

Join Aldermore on Twitter over the next month to hear how each of the three major political parties intends to pave the way for small business growth in years to come.

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