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As the Labour Party Conference comes to a close in Manchester, attention turns to the West Midlands, where the Conservative Party Conference is set to discuss the key challenges for the UK economy.

undefinedAldermore has drawn together a showcase of some of Birmingham’s most inspiring small businesses, and is hoping to see the issues faced by companies like these firmly on the agenda for the five-day event.

ChangeKitchen CIC

After a varied career encompassing business development, cookery and skills training, Dr. Birgit Kehrer decided to combine her passions by forming ChangeKitchen in 2010, a community interest company providing catering for local events. The business focuses on helping its volunteers and full-time employees gain valuable skills to progress in their career, at a time when skills shortages represent a major challenge for the economy.

Catalyst Energy

Catalyst energy is one of the UK’s leading independent energy brokers, offering advice to enable UK companies to find the best energy provider to meet their needs. The firm also delivers insight-driven reports into energy consumption to help firms reduce their energy usage, which can represent a significant cost burden for many British businesses.

Hot 500 Club

Led by Joel Blake and Gary Lennon, the Hot 500 club is a youth support network providing peer learning opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, while also assisting businesses and further education institutions looking to foster a more enterprising culture.

“Developing an entrepreneurial mindset takes time and is best developed amongst other entrepreneurial people, so that feedback is positive and relevant,” comments Lennon. “I believe we are building a special community with the HOT500 where it will grow a life of its own and become a way of doing things in the future.”

Vintage Industrial

Vintage Industrial is proudly flying the flag for UK manufacturing, creating a unique and distinctive range of furniture for local retailers, offices and cafes and aiming to source a large proportion of its materials locally.


GuyKat founder Guy McEvoy had become frustrated trying to find the right business to develop his ideas for enterprise-focused online learning programmes, feeling that no one company understood the project from a business, educational and technological perspective. Seeing a gap in the market, McEvoy set up GuyKat, producing bespoke e-learning and m-learning solutions to help companies train their staff more effectively.

Join Aldermore’s community on Twitter this week to hear how the Conservative party intends to support SMEs like these, with updates from the Liberal Democrat party conference to follow in October.

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