Budding businesses bring a creative spark to the UK economy

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The Creative Industries Council recently unveiled ambitious plans to boost activity in the UK creative industries; a sector which brings over £71 billion to the economy and provides more than 1.7 million jobs.

undefined"British designers, musicians and film makers have put the UK on the world map with their creative talent," affirmed Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable, speaking at the Create UK launch event.

"We want this sector to continue to thrive,” stated Cable, concluding, “It's important that government and industry keep working together to foster the right environment for creative industries to succeed and inspire young people to follow in the footsteps of the many creative heavyweights that Britain has produced."

Today, Aldermore recognises some of the budding businesses currently driving Britain’s creative industries forward.

Roberto Revilla menswear

The son of a business owner, Roberto Revilla never truly felt at home working for someone else, and in 2011, made the leap to launch his own business: men’s tailoring brand Roberto Revilla London. Within the first year alone, the brand delivered over 1,000 bespoke hand-tailored garments. Revilla was recently joined by wife Carolina, a chartered accountant, to streamline the firm’s finances and web presence.

Ohh Deer

Jamie Mitchell left his architectural job in 2011 to put all his energy into illustration, teaming up with Ohh Deer co-founder Mark Callaby. Over time, the pair sourced a crew of 35 contributing artists, creating original illustrated designs for a range of products, from clothing and accessories, to cards and homeware.

Connie Viney Cakes

Young entrepreneur Connie Viney has been making waves in the baking world with her innovative cake creations, including the world’s first ‘tweeting cake’. Just three years since graduating with a Fine Art masters, the spirited Viney has already been able to take on her own studio and team of staff, collaborating with some of the top names in creative baking.

Cockpit Arts

As the UK’s only creative-only business incubator, Cockpit Arts has a huge role to play in shaping the future of Britain’s creative industries, helping the next generation of artists, designers and makers find their footing.

Big Buddha Films

Set up by long-time actress, scriptwriter and drama lecturer Debbie Howard, Big Buddha films is an independent film company based in Sheffield. With the input of producer Polly Perkins, the company focuses on creating films with strong female characters, and have been screened at many of the major international film festivals.

Aldermore hopes to see even more inventive individuals following in the footsteps of these budding businesses and making their own mark on the UK’s creative scene in coming years.

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