5 reasons the International Festival of Business will benefit Liverpool

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Beginning with the official opening event in Liverpool next Monday, the International Festival of Business (IFB) is a fifty day celebration of Britain’s thriving business community with over 150 events taking place across June and July.

undefinedWith partners including the Financial Times, EEF and the Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the festival expects to attract some of the globe’s most eminent business minds, putting Liverpool firmly in the spotlight and bringing with it a number of vital benefits for the city.

Building bridges overseas

Acting as an official partner to the festival, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) are putting on fifteen different events to help the North West’s SMEs capitalise on their export potential. Categorised by either geographic region or industry, each date in the UKTI’s calendar takes an in-depth look at what it takes for businesses to succeed overseas and outlines the support available. With delegations from across the globe also present at the festival, this focus hopes to reinforce Liverpool’s reputation as a flourishing trade port.

Attracting investment

Writing in the Independent this week, Federation of Small Businesses National Chairman John Allan admitted, “I’ve long held the view that the UK undersells the potential of its regional cities as incubators for small businesses.” The International Festival of Business hopes to redress this balance, demonstrating the North West’s prowess to international visitors in order to prove Britain’s economic strengths extend beyond the capital and drive foreign investment in the regions.

Championing brand Britain

Once at the heart of Britain’s industrial revolution, the stage is set for Liverpool to again lead the way for UK manufacturing in 2014. As one of the festival’s central themes, a number of events will explore the UK’s innovative science and technology scene and the budding re-shoring trend, outlining why the Made in Britain label still commands respect in overseas markets.

Networking opportunities

One of the largest events of its kind for the UK small business community, the IFB will offer a crucial platform for Liverpool SMEs to meet other firms from throughout the North West. This creates an opportunity for SMEs to share their experiences for mutual learning and forge collaborative partnerships to enable their businesses to grow together.

A boost for local culture

Alongside a packed agenda of business events, IFB attendees will also be treated to a showcase of the best of Liverpool’s cultural scene, covering everything from music and the arts to theatre and sport. This will be all drawn to a close by a special ceremony commemorating the World War One centenary, performed by local street theatre group Royal de Luxe. This side of the festival promises to highlight the former City of Culture’s vibrant cultural scene, providing a vital boost to innovative local businesses in the creative industries.

As a Bank with a significant presence in the North West, Aldermore is proud to see this milestone celebration of British enterprise come to Liverpool, and will be sharing key insights from the festival throughout the next two months on Twitter.

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