Eco-friendly SMEs lead the way for Earth Day

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Tuesday, 22nd April will see the 44th annual Earth Day take place, with more than a billion people across the globe set to take part in events and activities to promote more sustainable practices in all areas of life.


This offers UK small businesses a chance to re-assess their operations and consider how they can implement more environmentally-friendly practices in future, including increasing energy efficiency and re-using materials.

In fact, some SMEs, like those featured below, are already leading the pack, driving innovations that will have a beneficial impact on the planet for years to come.


Awarded UK Business of the Year in the FSB’s 2013 Streamline Awards, Vegware is transforming the food industry through its range of completely compostable food packaging options.

The brand’s environmentally-conscious approach has helped it expand significantly since launching in 2006, growing fifteen-fold between 2009 and 2013 and now exporting to countries across the globe.

Emerge Recycling

Manchester-based Emerge Recycling is tackling wastage head-on through a two-fold strategy to increase recycling activity in the local community.

Primarily, the company supplies recycling services to hundreds of schools and businesses in the region, but, equally importantly, they are also heavily involved in championing the importance of recycling.

In this function, the business provides advice to organisations on the best way to implement recycling initiatives and encourage members of the community to participate.


Set up in 2012 by founder Rebecca Bailey-Price and her partner Cameron, Poppito is an online marketplace specialising in quality natural and hand-made goods.

Not only does this service give eco-conscious consumers a one-stop shop for gifts, fashion and accessories, it also supports a number of smaller traders who sell their craft creations through the platform.

Give Me Tap

Fitness fanatic and university student Edwin Broni-Mensah was frustrated by the lack of options for those looking for an alternative to environmentally-damaging disposable plastic water bottles for on-the-go hydration.

In response to this gap in the market, he set up Give me tap, a re-usable bottle scheme which allows buyers to obtain free tap water from participating restaurants, cafes and other hotspots throughout the UK.

Reborn Paints

The brainchild of passionate Managing Director Keith Harrison, Reborn Paints has specially developed a manufacturing process which takes unwanted leftover paint and treats it, ready for use within the home.

The resulting product is a range of low-carbon paints containing up to 90 per cent recycled content. This pioneering attitude has earned the brand much critical acclaim, including several industry awards for sustainable practices.

Aldermore congratulates these British SMEs for taking such a forward-thinking approach in order to protect the planet for the good of society, and hopes to see many other businesses inspired by their efforts on Earth Day.

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