The Small Business Saturday Bus Tour comes to Manchester

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Joining the Small Business Saturday Bus Tour in Manchester this week, Aldermore had the chance to discuss what the initiative hopes to achieve for the UK small business community with some of the organisations involved.

"I think in a community like this it's something that's really important because it is so dominated by small businesses and I think sometimes they do get taken for granted," admitted event organiser James Day, of Ingenious Britain, adding, "People always assume the high street is going to be there."

One such local business is dBx Acoustics, founded by entrepreneur Susan Witticker, who was also present at the event on Monday to encourage fellow SME owners to get involved with the scheme. Reflecting on what small businesses offer shoppers over their larger counterparts, Witticker stated;

"There are so many alternatives to shopping on the high street or going to a big company. You'll often get better value and better service because people care a lot more and I think it's really important to promote that and make that obvious to people." 

Small business owner Clippy McKenna, founder of Clippy's Jams, echoed this sentiment, appealing to the public to vote with their feet on the 7th December and get behind the Small Business Saturday drive.

"If you know someone in your local village or in your local town that's doing something a bit different, go and support them and see what they've got," McKenna commented. "It's about that small corner shop, or the local butcher, or your local newsagent, or your local furniture maker; it's all those things that if they weren't there, there would be nothing different about the world. I think having Small Business Saturday, which is on the 7th December, I think it's really important; I only wish there was something like that when I started back in 2008." 

A passionate advocate of independent businesses, McKenna was one of a number of speakers invited to share their expertise with local SMEs on the Manchester leg of the Small Business Saturday tour. The event drew a strong crowd from the local high street, with business owners from all sectors coming together to pick up a Small Business Saturday marketing pack and learn more about the scheme.

"We've been really, really happy with the turnout today," commented Day, adding, "A lot of people have come down and shared their support and have come up with some really great ideas on how they're going to support small business Saturday."

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, Aldermore wants business owners across the United Kingdom to share the story behind their SME. Over December, the Bank is inviting small businesses to contribute to this historic event by revealing their experiences of starting a company in the UK. We want to hear what inspired owners to start up their own business; the successes they enjoyed and the challenges they overcame.

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