Enterprise Rockers co-founder Tina Boden hopes consumers will share her passion for independent businesses on Small Business Saturday

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As a long-time entrepreneur and co-founder of Enterprise Rockers, Tina Boden has a profound appreciation of the value of SMEs, which she hopes to spread to the public on Small Business Saturday.

"I do wear different hats but it all comes back down to one thing and that is about helping to make life better for microbusinesses," Boden told Aldermore, explaining, "I'm third generation self-employed and I've been running my own business since the age of twenty-one." 

Boden is one half of the team behind Enterprise Rockers, the self-titled ‘network of networks’ that launched in January 2012 and aims to better connect the UK’s inspiring microbusiness community. Beyond juggling this worthwhile initiative with her own business though, Boden’s commitment to supporting microbusinesses also extends into her private life. 

“My passion is for independent business and microbusiness and in January 2012 when we launched Enterprise Rockers, I decided that I’d put my money where my mouth is basically and I pledged to only shop indie,” states Boden. “I spend about 95 to 97 per cent my shopping budget with independent businesses and I also try to help people understand how they can do that as well to make a difference.”

One way that Boden hopes to inspire others to adopt her appreciation of independent businesses is through Enterprise Rockers’ involvement in the UK’s first ever Small Business Saturday on the 7th December. 

Alongside Aldermore, Boden will be joining the upcoming Small Business Saturday bus tour to promote the scheme to consumers and enlist further SMEs to participate, beginning later this month. As Boden outlines;

“To me SBS is another opportunity for these small businesses, these microbusinesses, to actually promote what they do, what they bring, how they can help, not just retail but other businesses as well.”

Boden recognises that realistically, there is a lot of work to be done to raise awareness for the role microbusinesses play, viewing this year’s pioneering Small Business Saturday as a pilot scheme for future years. 

“If a small number of people find a new independent business that they didn’t know about before that they can then tell their friends about, to me that will be a success,” Boden admits. 

For this to occur though, collaboration between businesses will be vital. Boden conveys that this kind of co-operation not only benefits the businesses directly, but also forces consumers to take notice of the initiative. As Boden concludes;

“One lone voice in the wilderness will struggle to be heard, a whole group of people shouting together will get the attention of the masses.” 

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