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Over the past month, Aldermore Bank has extensively covered the party conference season. Across September, the Bank has followed the announcements from the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservative Party conferences, highlighting the news that will influence our customers; homeowners, savers and small businesses that will be affected in this parliament and beyond.

Ingerlise Bulloch, PR and Public Affairs Manager at Aldermore, attended each conference, sitting in on meetings with policy makers and delegates in order to represent the Bank's customers.

"For me, representing Aldermore, Britain's leading challenger bank, it is an excellent occasion to meet and greet policymakers and influencers but also to hear the mood music on the ground," she says.

Ingerlise argues that conference season gives Aldermore the opportunity to talk about the issues affecting its customers. "From Aldermore's perspective it is vital that we have an open dialogue with all policymakers to ensure our voice is heard among the throngs of other voices," she affirms.

She states that party conference seasons offers "an opportunity to widen the Bank's message" to an audience that may have not already heard it, stating that "the past five years have been tough for the ordinary saver, homeowner and SME."

"We want to ensure that we deliver an excellent service to our customers first and foremost; but it is important for politicians to understand how Aldermore is different in its approach."

Indeed, since 2010, Aldermore has championed small business owners, homeowners and savers, providing tailored products that have helped companies grow and people to save or buy their new home. Ingerlise argues that conference season gives Aldermore the opportunity to work with government and by attending the Conferences, she found she was "able to meet with a lot of people in a short space of time within the one place."

We're championing British businesses, savers and homeowners.

You can read our summary of the Liberal DemocratsLabour and conferences on our blog.

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