Liberal Democrats pledge support for SMEs at the autumn political conference

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As part of an ongoing commitment to working alongside government to create fairer financial conditions for Britain's SMEs, Aldermore will be attending each of the main political conferences in the 2013 autumn season.

At the first of the three major political events, the Liberal Democrats pledged strong support for the SME community, advocating a 'Think Small First' mantra for governing UK business.

In particular, access to SME finance was raised as a major issue, with several eminent party members citing the need for greater competition in the banking sector to fuel lending to the small business community. Challenger banks were commended for their increasing role in driving this change, with special mentions for Aldermore's efforts from both Deputy Government Chief Whip and Treasury Spokesman in the House of Lords, Lord Newby and Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Oakeshott during the conference.

A selection of key insights from the event are outlined below: 


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