Analysing the Q2 SME Inflation Index

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Last week, Aldermore released the latest SME Inflation Index, research that highlighted the fortunes of SMEs during the second quarter of 2013.

The report, which you can read more of here, demonstrated that investment intentions from small companies remained weak, with businesses preferring to hold on to their cash, rather than invest it in expansion strategies.

Speaking at the time, Aldermore Group Commercial Director Mark Stephens offered some insight about the results, suggesting SMEs are reluctant to invest despite the economic upturn.

"Although SMEs are experiencing higher confidence, they are holding on to their cash…choosing to herd their cash rather than invest it."

"Despite an upturn in the British economy, SMEs realise we are not yet out of the woods and are playing it safe."

Rob Lankey, Managing Director of Commercial Mortgages at Aldermore, echoed Mark's comments. Speaking this week, Rob provided his thoughts on the SME Inflation Index, agreeing that confidence within SMEs has 'simply not risen enough.' You can listen to the full interview below: 

In the interview, Rob also commented on the issue of raising finance for SMEs, arguing that small businesses would still struggle to obtain business loans from traditional banks.

"Big banks have never understood the SME and I don't think they ever will," states Rob.

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