Aldermore speak to Vegware about its FSB Award for UK Business of the Year

POSTED: 5th June 2013
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Edinburgh-based food packaging company Vegware was founded in 2006. Since its launch, the business, the first and only compostable food packaging organisation in the UK, has enjoyed fantastic success, growing fifteen fold since 2009.

In April this year, the company was recognised for this tremendous growth, winning the coveted UK Business of the Year in the Federation of Businesses Streamline awards.

Aldermore spoke to Lucy Frankel, Communications Manager for the organisation, to discuss the award and the company's success.

"I think we won [the FSB Award] because we are growing incredibly fast," she says. "We have incredible growth at the moment."

She continues: "Everyone is having to think about sustainability; how they're going to improve their operations.  We've demonstrated that we've got a sustainable business and a commercially viable product; it's a business that works."

Listen to the full interview below

Vegware's products - over 250 items, ranging from cutlery to tableware - has gained acclaim for its low environmental impact and value.  And it's a testament to the company's success that its products are distributed across both Europe and North America.

"I think the trick is finding the right product," comments Lucy. "And we're demonstrating that green business principals can work in the market."

Lucy also discusses how the businesses has thrived, despite the turbulent economic climate. By providing a personal touch, Lucy argues that the company has stood out amongst other organisations.

"You have to enjoy all the dealings you have with your suppliers and your customers," she says.  "I think that comes across and people feel like we actually care. That's the sort of personal touch that makes us stand out."

You can follow Vegware on Twitter @Vegware.

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