SMEs reveal their worries on Twitter

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Cash flow is causing many smaller business owners sleepless nights, after SMEs responded to a Twitter poll by Business Zone and the Federation for Small Businesses.

The informal survey, conducted via the social network, asked small businesses to name the issues keeping them awake at night. Of the numerous responses, covering topics from mis-sold interest rate swaps to increasing taxes, problems with cash flow emerged as one of the most cited causes of anxiety.

Rather than fluctuating levels of demand however, these liquidity issues were attributed to clients failing to respect payment deadlines for invoices. As raised by Judi Brazkiewicz, of Holos Healthcare, a First Aid Training business, budgeting around expected payment time for invoices issued which are then late in coming in,  represents a major challenge for SMEs.

Recognising that this temporary lack of finance can expose smaller firms to a significant risk, Aldermore have worked tirelessly to offer a solution to support this vital sector of the UK economy.

Perhaps one of the most convenient financial products for businesses in this situation is invoice finance, a product from Aldermore which offers businesses the opportunity to unlock the cash tied up in unpaid invoices. The service allows businesses access to owed capital, with companies being able to access up to 80 per cent of the value of approved invoices.

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