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Over the past month, Aldermore have been lifting the lid on SME savings, asking business owners to tell us their saving habits and reveal the real relationship they currently have with their business bank.

The survey, which you can take here, has gained some fascinating results, with SMEs from across the United Kingdom taking the opportunity to tell us their thoughts; offering real insight into how the financial industry can help business prosper and grow in spite of the tough economic conditions.

The responses reflect much of what we've been hearing from the SME community en masse; business owners are using their savings as a buffer for unforeseen eventualities, they are time poor and they do not believe their current financial provider is offering the most suitable account for their business.

Despite positive news from the UK economy of late, a number of SMEs also offered a cautious outlook for their future.  Indeed, over 50 per cent of those polled say their savings are being kept in reserve in case of emergencies.  Similarly, 47 per cent said that the uncertainty surrounding the British economy was the key issue affecting their industry at the present time.

Meanwhile, the survey highlighted the importance small business owners placed on trust.  Indeed, over 30 per cent of respondents considered the reputation of the bank offering the account to be the most important factor in their decision process.

However, over 70 per cent said that they did not believe their current bank would offer the most suitable account for their business.

The poll, which runs until the end of February, is a continuation of Aldermore's commitment to listen to SMEs across the United Kingdom. We're lifting the lid on what businesses want from their bank.

Take part and help us shake up British banking.

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