Aldermore reach out to SMEs to transform business savings services

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As reported by The Telegraph earlier this week, Aldermore has emerged as a key provider of credit to the UK SME market, providing 46 per cent of all certified lending through the Government's Funding for Lending scheme during the third quarter of 2012.

In its continuing mission to champion SMEs, Aldermore have commissioned a new survey to further its understanding of the business savings habits of companies across the country.

The new poll follows the success of last year's 'Lift the Lid' survey; research in conjunction with YouGov which saw the bank gain invaluable insight into how British SMEs approach savings.

Speaking earlier today, Simon Healy, managing director of savings at Aldermore, said:

"We lifted the lid last year. In the process, we completely debunked the long-held view that business savings were far too much hassle for no value, and since launch, thousands of our businesses have enjoyed our simple accounts, our great rates and of course the ability to open an account online in less than 15 minutes."

Listen to Simon Healy talk about the new poll.

For Healy, this initiative only represents the latest step in Aldermore's commitment to SMEs. He believes maintaining a close relationship with the business community is the only way for the company to continue improving its level of service. In Healy's own words:

"Listening to our customers is a major part of our values. It's right in the DNA of what Aldermore is all about. Our aim is to be as transparent and as open as possible, and we feel the best way to start that is by asking customers what they need. That ensures that we maintain our position as experts in the market and also means that we can deliver the straightforward, sensible products and services that our customers need."

The value of this dialogue between Aldermore and UK SMEs is already becoming apparent, particularly in the recent advancements in Aldermore's savings product range. Commenting on how the survey results will be used, Healy states:

"We use the feedback that we get directly in the design of our products and services. What makes us proud is really making a difference for our customers. To do that, quite simply, we make sure we talk to them and we listen, because if we really understand their needs we can make the products and services that will actually make that difference."

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