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POSTED: 23rd November 2012
IN: Business news

Today, Aldermore in association with YouGov have lifted the lid.

Over the past 12 months, we asked SME owners across the UK to share their views on how the financial industry could help their business reach its potential.

Here's what they told us.

Today, we can reveal that just 35 per cent of businesses thought their business bank offered its best saving rates to new customers, while 37 per cent of SMEs refrained from looking at alternative products for fear of damaging the existing relationship with their bank. Today, we can reveal that 78 per cent of businesses with a surplus cash balance have never been suggested the best savings account for their money. 

Today we have lifted the lid on what SMEs want from their business banks and their savings accounts.  Tell us your thoughts on Twitter @aldermorebank or #liftthelid


Aldermore Bank - Lift The Lid - infographic

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Aldermore Bank and YouGov surveyed 508 small business senior decision makers across Britain, 'lifting the lid' about what businesses really want from their bank. Amongst other interesting facts, the Aldermore infographic illustrates that a massive 78% of businesses with surplus cash have never been proactively recommended the <a href="">best savings account</a> for their money.

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