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Say hello to the team.

We asked some of our key players what their jobs entail and they share some of the hints and tips they've learnt along the way.

We're here to help

We're here to help

Whatever type of mortgage you’re looking for, with Aldermore you’ll get the same mortgage adviser mortgage from the beginning of your application right through to the end.

Courtney – Mortgage Adviser

“One of Aldermore’s brilliant services is that you can apply for a mortgage to us directly. We have a fantastic team of fully qualified mortgage advisers meaning you can simply pick up the phone and speak to an expert who understands your requirements. We conduct an initial call where we explore what options are available and how we can assist. From here we can complete a decision in principle to assess your needs and a decision will typically be made within 4 business hours. Upon full application, your mortgage adviser will confirm their advice and recommendation whilst also assisting you with finding a solicitor and ensuring your property is fully insured. We provide the full package at Aldermore! Your mortgage adviser will be on hand through every step of your Aldermore journey.”

Courtney’s Top Tip – “Why spend hours searching the web, pick up the phone and speak to a mortgage adviser instead!”

Joanne – Underwriter

“The role as a Mortgage Underwriter provides a challenging and rewarding job on a daily basis.  The customer is at the heart of our underwriting assessment, which is re-enforced by the manual review of all cases by a team of experienced underwriters. It is essential that we're up to date on any changes to our lending policy and regulators’ guidelines to ensure we are lending funds in the right way.

A mortgage application is ‘case owned’ by one underwriter, who undertakes the initial review, assesses the supporting documentation and takes the application through to offer, which provides great customer service and detailed knowledge at every stage of the application.

It's a job that keeps the brain ticking and we learn something new every day. There is a great atmosphere in the office as we work together really well as one big team, which includes the communication with our direct sales advisers.”

Jordan - Customer Loyalty Manager

“Our loyalty team will actively engage with customers who are approaching the end of their fixed rate period. We will write to the customers typically 12 weeks prior and follow up with a phone call shortly after. This is a great opportunity for the customer to explain their plans. Whether that be to take additional borrowing, review other mortgages they may have, review their insurance needs with us or to simply continue with Aldermore on another fixed rate product.

Our product switch service is hassle free, does not require further credit checks, and incurs no cost and valuation assessments. It is as straight forward as signing an offer form for their chosen rate, or confirming to us verbally over the telephone.

We acknowledge that our team is a really important area of the business to help retain our valued customers by offering them a quick and easy process when they come to the end of their initial rate period, saving them time, effort and money on their mortgage.”

Jordan’s Top Tip “Save yourself time and hassle by reviewing your mortgage rate with one our fantastic team members, who are waiting on hand to review your mortgage needs. Don’t forget, even if you are in an early repayment charge period, after 6 months of your new rate we can consider assisting you with additional borrowing and waiving those penalty charges.

Tim – Product Manager

"As a product manager I am responsible for reviewing, maintaining and developing

Aldermore's mortgage products. Many factors have to be taken into account when designing a product, such as the type of rate: variable or discount rates, pricing, length of

Term and what fees should be charged, but all that is secondary to the customers' needs. All products have to be designed with our customers in mind. One area I am particularly keen on is simplicity. Many mortgage products can be overly complicated and the customer is not always clear on what they are getting.  My role is to make sure our ranges are as simple as possible. We are always checking new products and making changes that will benefit our customers so there's never a dull moment here at Aldermore!"

Tim's Top Tip "Although we aim to deal with all applications as quickly as possible, we always ensure your choice of product is right for you. So take your time when you're considering what will work best and don't be afraid to ask your mortgage adviser lots of questions. They are more than happy to help."

Laura - Marketing Manager

And finally, Laura has some tips on how best to market your buy-to-let property. "Once you've found the right property in a great location and secured your buy to let mortgage, it’s time to find your ideal tenants."

Finding the right advertising package for you

Letting agents - If you're using an agent they'll advertise your property (online property sites, shop window etc.) as part of your agreement.

Online advertising - If you decide to market the property yourself, online letting agents can provide various packages to advertise your property on the most popular property websites. Some offer free trials and introductory discount offers but it pays to do your research. Look out for reviews from fellow landlords and shop around for the best deal for your budget.

Classified websites – Can provide access to a large audience too. They charge landlords a fee for advertising properties to let and you can visit the websites to get a quote.

Photographs - We all like to see what we are getting for our money. Good quality photos that show off the best features of your property are key.

It's all in the words – Your property description should be clear and easy to read and entice potential tenants. Write your description to appeal to your target market, emphasise the property's main attributes, any quirky features and local amenities. If you have them be clear on your tenant preferences (e.g. no pets) and as well as the rent ensure any additional fees (e.g. administration, background checks) are included.

Spread the word - Share your property advertisement via social media and ask your friends, family and colleagues to forward on.

Subject to status. Your mortgage will be secured on your property. Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments.