Your annual mortgage statement

We’ll send you your annual mortgage statement in January each year.*

Here you’ll find information about your annual statement and questions our customers are asking us every day. You may find them useful when reviewing your statement when it arrives.

*If you’re a company landlord or have complex properties (houses in multiple occupation or multiple properties on one title), you’ll receive your annual statement on the anniversary of when you took your mortgage out with us.

What is my annual mortgage statement?

Your annual statement gives you all the information you need to review your mortgage for the last 12 months and to help you plan for the year ahead. It gives you a snapshot of your mortgage and is a summary of all the activity on your account over the last year.

Have you taken a payment break this year?

We’ve included some extra information in our guide and the frequently asked questions below to help answer any queries you might have. We recommend you carefully review your statement, for the whole year including your ‘transaction summary’ as you may have some transactions applied later in the year.

Frequently asked questions

Subject to status. Your mortgage will be secured on your property. Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments.