Buy to let mortgages for limited companies

If you trade as a limited company, and have one property or have a portfolio of properties to manage, we’ve got a mortgage with your name on it.

Our dedicated in-house team of expert buy to let mortgage advisers is ready to discuss how we can help make the most of your property portfolio.


If you have a limited company, then our expert buy to let mortgage advisers can help you get a mortgage or remortgage your buy to let portfolio.


Our limited company buy to let mortgage expertise means:

  • We lend to Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), LLP partnerships and existing trading companies
  • You can speak to us even if you have not yet set up your SPV Company

Building your buy to let portfolio:

  • We don’t set background property portfolio limits
  • We’ll help you maximize your borrowing from your rental income to build your property portfolio
  • We can help you manage your portfolio with up to 16 properties on one account and one direct debit payment
  • We will work with you when you want to expand your portfolio or use equity in your existing properties to re-invest in new properties

  • We have a wide range of fixed and variable rate mortgages including some with no product fees
  • We even let you overpay by up to 10% of the outstanding balance every 12 months

Some important points to know:


  • You’ll need to be at least 21 years of age if you are an existing landlord or 25 years of age if you are a first time landlord, to apply for one of our buy to let mortgages
  • Landlord insurance.  We can refer you to insurance specialists to find the policy to suit your needs. We work with insurance brokers who have access to a panel of leading insurance providers. Find out more by clicking this link, or ask your mortgage adviser for more details



See our commercial range for HMOs with 7 or more bedrooms, multi unit freeholds of 7 or more units or portfolios that contain any commercial property.



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