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App +

APP+ is our mobile pricing and proposal portal which transforms the once laboured task of pricing and submitting your proposals into a speedy process that you can do on the go on one or more of your smartphone, tablet or Desktop PC.

With APP+ you can:

  • Proposal submission anytime, anywhere
  • Easy pricing – saving you time wherever you are
  • Accessible on mobile, tablet and Desktop PC – allowing you to submit proposals on the go

Find out which of our experts can help with your query:

Front-line support

  • Expert Business Development Managers for advice and support when you need it.
  • Knowledgeable, efficient sales support team


Dedicated back-office experts

From credit to risk and asset management to pay outs, there’s a whole network of experts behind the scenes making sure your deals progress smoothly and you get paid on time. What’s even better is if we receive all completed documents before 11am, we will pay out your deal the same day!

For us to pay out the same day, the deal and all of the required information must be received by 11am at newbusiness@aldermore.co.uk. Please refer to the pay out checklist for further guidance.

Customer Due Diligence

Make sure your deal is completed quickly and easily using our tools:

  • Video guide – find out more from our Customer Due Diligence team to understand why Know your customer (KYC) and Know your business (KYB) checks are done and how important they are
  • KYC Checklist - to guide you on what we will need from your client to gain credit approval
  • Proof of identity and address documentation – making the arrangement of client funding as quick and easy as possible

For Intermediary Use Only

T&Cs will apply, subject to status and affordability. Any asset used as security may be at risk if you do not repay any debt secured on it.