Why have you started to provide a monthly statement?

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PSD2, the second Payment Services Directive, has recently come into force. This regulation aims to contribute to a more integrated and efficient European payments market, create a level playing field for payment service providers, promote the development and use of innovative online and mobile payments, make payments safer and more secure, protect consumers and encourage lower prices for payments.

As a result of the introduction of this legislation, we now provide monthly statements and these statements are generated based on the day of the month that the first deposit was received. You can view your monthly statements in Internet Banking at any time. If you’ve made a transaction on your account in the last month, we’ll notify you by email or letter that your online statement is ready to view, or we’ll send you a statement through the post. You can’t opt out from being notified, we’re required to send this notification to all customers who’ve made a transaction.

You can access your statement by logging in to Internet Banking and selecting Monthly Statement from the Account Options dropdown or by following this link.

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