What is a flexible ISA?

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With a flexible ISA, you can withdraw money and replace it in the same tax year without the replacement money counting as an additional subscription towards that tax year’s ISA subscription limit. You can also withdraw money from previous tax years and replace this, provided the money is replaced in the same tax year that the withdrawal is made and with the same provider that the withdrawal was made from.

Aldermore's Fixed Rate Cash ISAs and Notice Cash ISAs are flexible. Help to Buy: ISAs are excluded from flexibility under the scheme rules. 

As our Fixed Rate Cash ISAs don't allow additional deposits, if you want to replace money withdrawn from a Fixed Rate Cash ISA you would need to open a new Cash ISA product with us at the interest rate available at the time, or you could pay the money into another Cash ISA product already held with us that allows additional deposits.

If you withdraw money from a Notice Cash ISA, you can replace this by paying it back in to the same account. You can also pay it into any other Cash ISA product you hold with us that allows additional deposits or open another Cash ISA product with us at the rates available at the time, if you’d prefer to do so.


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