How do I withdraw money from my Personal Savings account?

You can give your instructions for a withdrawal or transfer by logging into your account and selecting ‘Move Money’ from the Account Options menu. 

What's my withdrawal allowance?

Your withdrawal allowance will depend on your account type:

Easy Access Accounts


Notice Accounts

Unlimited, by giving the appropriate days’ notice. Early withdrawals are not permitted

Fixed Rate Accounts

None permitted until maturity

Notice Cash ISAs

Unlimited by giving the appropriate days’ notice, or on demand, subject to a deduction of interest equivalent to your notice period (e.g. 30 days)

Fixed Rate Cash ISAs

Unlimited, subject to a deduction of interest (90 days for 1 year, 180 days for 2 & 3 years)

Easy Access Help to Buy: ISA

Unlimited. However, under the scheme rules, if you wish to make a partial withdrawal you will not be able to claim a bonus on these funds

When will my money show in my nominated account?

We’ll make withdrawals from your account to your nominated account by Faster Payments. Your money will be in your nominated account by the end of the same business day, provided your instructions are submitted before 2pm on that business day.

Withdrawal transfer method

In your nominated account

Electronic payment

Instruction submitted before 2pm - same business day

Instruction submitted after 2pm - next business day (for example, if a withdrawal request is submitted after 2pm on a Friday, the money will be in your nominated account by close of business on Monday)

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