How do I pay money into my Easy Access or Notice account?

IN: Personal Savings FAQs - SIPPs, Corporate Customers and Accounts held in Trust or as Client Monies

You can pay money into your account in a number of ways:

By BACS, CHAPS or Faster Payments

Contact your bank or building society and quote the following details:

* Our Account Number: 63684431
* Our Sort Code: 20-19-90
* Beneficiary: Aldermore Bank PLC
* Reference: Your account number and surname or company name


If your bank or building society does not include your reference number when they submit your instruction, it may not be possible to allocate the funds to your account. In this case we will return the funds without interest .

By Cheque

Simply send us a cheque made payable to 'Aldermore re your account number or surname or company name'.

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