What sort code and account reference do I need to use to pay into or withdraw money from my account using my nominated account?

POSTED: 22nd July 2020
IN: Business Savings FAQs

If you’re paying in from your nominated account, you’ll need to include your Aldermore business savings account number (you’ll find this 8 digit number on the first screen in internet banking, in ‘accounts'), our sort code which is 23-33-43 and your business name. You can pay money into us by faster payments, BACS or CHAPS.

If you’re withdrawing money from your Aldermore account you can only pay it into the bank account you’ve chosen as your linked nominated account that you’ve set up with us.

Confirmation of Payee has been introduced by some banks for electronic payments. This service checks the name on the account in the payment instruction against the name on the account where the payment is being sent. If you use one of the banks who’ve introduced confirmation of payee, payments to your Aldermore Business Savings account will show confirmation of payee unavailable, as we haven’t implemented this service. The service won’t stop you from making a payment, but if you’re in any doubt about the payment details or you get any response other than a match, you should make sure that the details you’ve given are correct.  

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