What’s a certified document?

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A certified copy document is where original documentation and photocopies are taken to a professional person (see list below).

The certifier must:

  1. Sign the copy document
  2. State their name
  3. Date the document
  4. State their profession and either their full business address or their telephone number (not mobile)
  5. State that they have ‘seen the original'
  6. In appropriate cases where the document contains a photograph they must state that “it is a true likeness” of the individual that it applies to.

You can choose who certifies your documentation, but they must be a professional (or retired professional) person from the list below. Please note that the certifier must not be related to you, be a named party on the account, live at the same address or be unemployed.

Mortgage or finance broker, (individuals representing an FCA authorised firm)
Minister of religion
Dentist or Doctor
Chartered Accountant
Solicitor or Notary
Qualified Teacher or Lecturer (i.e. not a teacher’s assistant)
Post Office / Bank / Building Society official

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