How do I make my opening deposit and any additional deposits?

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You can make deposits by Faster Payments, BACS, CHAPS or standing order. Simply contact your bank or building society and give them the following information:

Account Number: Your Aldermore Business Savings Account Number (this is an 8 digit number that you can find on the first screen in Internet Banking, listed under accounts).

Sort Code: 23-33-43

Beneficiary Name:
Your Business' Name

Payment Reference:
You can choose your own payment reference and we suggest you choose a name that'll help you easily identify your transactions on your bank statements. e.g. Aldermore Business Savings.

Please make sure your bank correctly quotes the account number and sort code when they make this payment. Without it your payment may be rejected and returned to you without interest.

If you have an existing Aldermore Business Savings Account that allows transfers, you can also move money to your new account in Internet Banking  simply by clicking on the account that you want to transfer money from and selecting the 'Transfer Between My Accounts' link.

For Fixed Rate Accounts, once you've made your opening deposit you have a further 14 days to put more money into your account and benefit from the same interest rate. For the Customised Fixed Rate Account, the initial deposit and any additional deposits you wish to make must be received with 14 days of the account being opened.

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