Invoice Finance

Building banking by building business.

Manchester and across the UK

Invoice Finance has been a fundamental part of our business since the beginning as it’s a key driver of helping British business and boosting the economy.

Join us here and you’ll be part of the team helping companies to benefit from better cash flow. We lend them money secured against outstanding invoices, releasing cash in a more efficient, effective way than say an overdraft facility.

Our customers love working with our people, appreciate transparent, straightforward processes and exceptional service.

Our cash flow solution has helped hundreds of businesses across the UK to access working capital and allow them not just to survive, but to thrive.  Since 2009, that’s been more than £2 billion.  

Joining us here offers exceptional opportunities to redefine banking for the benefit of business and the wider economy - and to build a progressive career along the way.

Got what it takes to join them?

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