Colleague Value Proposition

Be Great! Be you. Be backed to live your best life!

We’re in the business of fulfilling life’s hopes and dreams. It’s an ambitious adventure that demands the very best of us. It’s a bold way of thinking about our business and its role in creating value for the community we serve. That community is our customers, partners, shareholders, and it has our colleagues at the very heart of it. And so while you’re bravely stepping into new challenges, fulfilling our customers hopes and dreams and driving our business forward, know that we’re with you every step of the way. That we’re backing you to bring your best. That your hopes and dreams matter to us and together we’re building a business where everyone feels backed to live their best life!

So, what’s important to our colleagues?

  1. Growth and Success

We’re adventurous and ambitious to grow! We’re proud of where we’ve got to and we’re excited by what’s still possible We bravely face into challenging times and look for opportunities to support our stakeholders We’re self-starters driven to learn and develop, taking responsibility for our personal growth We value our progressive culture where everyone is empowered to make a real contribution to our business and accountable for our performance

  • We will articulate a clear and inspiring purpose and set of promises and we ask our colleagues in the business to live this purpose and promises
  • We offer different ways for people to learn and grow and expect our colleagues to take proactive ownership of their personal growth
  • We provide timely information on business performance and ask that everyone engages with the metrics and data relevant to their success
  • We understand the relationship between culture and business performance and we all value how people behave as much as what they do
  1. Supportive Environment

We care deeply and responsibly. We’re driven to put our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do! Everyone’s views and contributions are valued and we celebrate individuality We know flexibility enables people to live a balanced life We build productive and collaborative relationships by being authentic and true to ourselves

  • We are committed to Outlining the strategy for delivering compelling customer experience and ask our colleagues to place the customer at the heart of everything
  • We encourage hearing diverse perspectives and sharing different views and options and ask our colleagues to seek out opportunities to involve others
  • We trust that everyone is able to deliver their work in the best way for them and the business whilst understanding that flexibility works both ways
  • We are Committed to supporting individual wellbeing and meeting people where they’re at and look after ourselves well and focus on developing our emotional intelligence
  1. Creating Shared Value

We’re thinking differently about our business. We want our business to be a force for good and we believe business success must benefit all stakeholders (communities, customers, environment, colleagues, shareholders) We’re driven to continually innovate & deliver value for our customers because their success is ours We believe in the hopes and dreams of all of us - customers and colleagues alike We actively embrace change, adapting quickly to what’s needed.

  • We have an overarching vision to create shared value and ask our colleagues to think more broadly about the role of the business
  • We support our communities and back initiatives that make a difference and want all our colleagues to have an active involvement in making a difference
  • We explores different ways to support people beyond the traditional approaches and equally ask out colleagues to bring a challenger mentality and be creative
  • We invest in business transformation to keep meeting customer need and ask our colleagues to identify and respond to changing customer needs with positivity and agility