About Us

We saw that we could, so we did.

So much has been said about British banking in recent years it sometimes it feels like there’s nothing to add. Instead of talking the talk, we walked the walk - seeing what needed to be done and doing it, bringing banking back to a sustainable model that builds success by supporting the UK economy and  serving its customers.

It worked. It’s working.

And you’ll find that if you work with us, it’ll work for you too. 

What we do

Everything we do, we try to do well. And we’re not bound by tradition.

We focus on customer service and encouraging an entrepreneurial approach. It’s why we’re successful.

We are transparent in everything we do. It’s a better way to build a bank.

We’re doing our bit to get the economy moving, providing funding for homes and small businesses across the UK.

It’s a great environment for far sighted, straightforward people who just want to get on and do things, to keep moving while they’re doing it and to make their mark along the way.

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What we did

In 2009, we set out to build a new bank. One that we could be proud of.

Today, our ambition has built much more.

After just 3 years, we posted profits and were firmly established as a leading alternative to the traditional names.

We’ve already  built an award-winning bank where customers like what we do and where savers  help us  to fund British business.

And where talented people tell us they’re engaged with what we do and on board with where we’re going.


This is can do, and then some

Attitude is one thing. Wherewithal is quite another. We’ve got plenty of both.

Because we believe in banking as it should be, not as it has been, we’re working hard to understand our customers and meet their needs.

In theory it’s easy: our customers want good value products from people who deliver exceptional service. In practice, it takes a particular set of people to deliver this: people with straightforward values and a big vision.

Our Values
Each one of our values is important in its own right. But it’s living all four that makes us different. 

If you share our values, you could share in a big future.

Aldermore people are:

Reliable: you don’t overpromise, you are consistent and always get straight to the point. You have empathy for your customers, ensuring products and services deliver what they say they will. You are fair, open and consistent in everything you do.

Expert: you know your stuff. You’re confident in your knowledge and expertise, yet also approachable and understandable.

Dynamic: You know situations change and are agile enough to adapt to anything. You have entrepreneurial flair and a natural ability to innovate.

Straightforward: You know that if something can’t be explained simply, it’s too complicated. You are nothing if not clear and concise, effective and efficient.

What can you do?