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Need to speak to us?

Making it easy for you to switch your mortgage

Aldermore is here to support you at every stage during the lifetime of your mortgage. Our Loyalty mortgages offer competitive rates and a hassle free process when you come to the end of your initial rate period.


We’ve made it easy for you to stay with us. If you switch to one of our loyalty mortgages you could benefit from:

  • Choice of great rate options
  • No legal, valuation or product fees
  • A simple and hassle free process with no interviews, new credit or affordability checks (provided you don’t want to borrow more than your current mortgage)
  • Make overpayments of up to £5,000 in any 12 month period (without incurring an early repayment charge)
  • Additional lending available (subject to eligibility)
  • Our dedicated Loyalty team are here to help and provide expert advice if you need assistance before switching your mortgage

Available for buy-to-let mortgages for individual landlords with single residential properties.

Am I eligible for a Loyalty mortgage?

You are eligible for a Loyalty mortgage if:

  • You’re an individual landlord and your Aldermore mortgage is for a single residential property. If you’re a company landlord or have complex properties (houses in multiple occupation or multiple properties on one title), please contact us.
  • Your current fixed rate with Aldermore ends in the next 3 months*. We’ll write to you to let you know the Loyalty mortgage options available to you.
  • You have a good payment record with us (including any applicable charges)
  • You’re happy to make your own decision regarding your next mortgage with us, as this is an execution only service (if you need mortgage advice, you’ll need to call our experts on the number shown).

*You’ll also qualify if your mortgage is on the Aldermore Managed Rate (i.e. your fixed rate mortgage deal has already come to an end), or if you’re no longer tied in to your Aldermore term variable rate mortgage (i.e. when an Early Repayment Charge is no longer payable).

How do I change to a Loyalty mortgage?

For more information on our Loyalty rates and the options available to you, please:

  • Phone us on 0333 321 1000; or
  • Email us at, including your full name and the post code or first line of your mortgaged address.

We’ll then send you a Key Facts Illustration document via email (or by post if you’d prefer) with all the information you’ll need to complete the transfer. Once you've made your decision we’ll send you the offer document (by email or post) and you can either:

  • print and sign the offer, then scan it and send it back to us via email
  • print and sign the offer and send it back in the post

Please note, we give you the choice of receiving your documents by either post or email, because emails sent to and from Aldermore are not secure and could be accessed by an unauthorised person. Whilst we take appropriate measures to safeguard customer information, no email can ever be guaranteed secure.

When will my mortgage be transferred to the new rate?

It’s up to you how soon you transfer, though there are some deadlines to bear in mind:

Our mortgage transfers happen on the first of the month provided you return the signed offer and any other required paperwork before the tenth of the previous month.

For example: if you wanted your mortgage to transfer on 1 July, you’d need to ensure all offer paperwork was returned to us correctly by 10 June.

If you’re unsure when you need to return your signed offer to us, please contact us using the details above.


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