Funding Expansion and Growth

Improvement, innovation and progression are often the key elements in building a successful company, but making your dreams come to life without adequate cash can be an almost impossible challenge.

We can help you to fund your projects and expansion plans with our selection of cash flow finance solutions. We strive to help small businesses to achieve their goals, and rather than simply lending you the money outright, we have options to make lending easier and less daunting. Through our Invoice Finance, Asset Finance and Commercial Mortgages products we can help fund your business ambitions.

Releasing extra cash into your business

Invoice Finance could release the cash your business needs to be more flexible. It could help you add more product lines, negotiate better terms with suppliers, increase distribution or even buy a competitor or supplier.

Factoring will free up both time and money by allowing us to buy your unpaid invoices from you. We’ll not only give you cash fast, but we’ll also manage your credit control function too. We’ll chase customers for payment and keep an eye on their own financial health, giving you more time to focus on running your business.

With Invoice Discounting, we’ll advance you up to 85 per cent of the value of your unpaid invoices and when your customers make payment we will release the rest of the remaining value, minus our fee. You’ll be able to continue managing your credit control and all contact with your customers as normal.

Financing new equipment

Asset Finance is a straightforward way to buy the new equipment that will help to make you and your business more competitive and keep you expanding. Machinery and equipment can be expensive; our Asset Finance products can help you finance them to suit your business plans. We can simplify the complex rules surrounding capital allowances and business taxation - so whether you want to lease or ultimately own the goods for your new business, you can spread the cost over a set period of time.

Finding the space you need to grow

A business mortgage could help you buy larger premises, giving your business the room to fulfil its potential. We offer a range mortgages to suit you and your business, you can contact us directly and speak to a member of the team to find out how we can help.

Our featured products

Invoice Discounting

Suitable if you:

  • Need to access cash tied up in outstanding invoices quickly
  • Have an established in-house credit control department
  • Would like the option of a confidential facility, so your customers needn’t know you're using it

No contract tie-in for the first six months


Suitable if you:

  • Need to access cash tied up in outstanding invoices quickly
  • Do not have an in-house credit control department
  • Require our experienced credit control team to take care of debt collection

No contract tie-in for the first six months