Cash Flow Problems

Unlock the cash flow in your business with our range of finance solutions.

Cash flow is a business necessity and is vital for companies to grow and thrive. However, it’s not unusual for enterprises to struggle to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Your business could be thriving and the demand for your product or service might be there, but if you don’t have enough money flowing through your bank accounts to keep everyone happy, you may need to seek some additional help.

With our products we can help you find the right solution for you and get your cash flowing again. Have you thought about Invoice Finance or Asset Finance to help alleviate your cash flow woes?

Invoice Finance is the name used to describe both Factoring and Invoice Discounting products. They are excellent ways to unlock the cash that is tied up in your company’s unpaid invoices. We can introduce more money into your business and help keep much needed cash flowing through your working capital.

Featured finance products for cash flow problems

Invoice Discounting

Suitable if you:

  • Need to access cash tied up in outstanding invoices quickly
  • Have an established in-house credit control department
  • Would like the option of a confidential facility, so your customers needn’t know you're using it

No contract tie-in for the first six months


Suitable if you:

  • Need to access cash tied up in outstanding invoices quickly
  • Do not have an in-house credit control department
  • Require our experienced credit control team to take care of debt collection

No contract tie-in for the first six months

What is the difference between Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

Factoring can help relieve the pressure caused by unpaid invoices by freeing up both your time and money. We’ll buy your unpaid invoices from you, giving you a fast injection of cash. You also won’t have the headache of chasing payments or conducting credit checks, as we’ll do all that for you.

If you’d prefer to do all credit control and debt collection yourself, Invoice Discounting may be for you. We’ll give you the majority of the cash you need immediately to help fund your business, while you continue to manage your ledger. This is a preferred option for larger businesses with an established credit control department.

Asset Based Lending (ABL) provides funding against the value of the multiple assets within your business, including debtors, stock plant & machinery and property. With asset based lending, the cash held within these assets is then released to provide additional working capital.

How can I use my business assets to release cash?

If you already own assets you can release valuable cash locked into the value of those assets by refinancing. This solution provides you with the security of knowing you are still using these key assets but refinancing them to provide you with valuable and additional capital.

You can also use our asset finance products to fund the purchase of that all-important new equipment. From leasing to hire purchase investing in new equipment using asset finance may be a more cost-effective way to fund your purchases and may reduce some of the risk that ownership may cause. With asset finance, you spread the cost of the equipment over the course of its economic life, with fixed monthly payments on agreements from 12 to 72 months.

Sometimes unexpected opportunities may arise that require the introduction of new equipment in order to meet the demand and progress. If your business is small or just starting out, you may require assets that you cannot afford to pay for outright. If this is the case, Asset Finance could help by obtaining the asset you need without the drain of an upfront purchase.

If you already have a selection of assets, but need appropriate funding for further expansion plans, then Asset Based Lending lets us provide you with the money that you require against the value of your assets.

Fees apply for all our services, and we will confirm any costs to you up front.