Customised Fixed Rate Account

Our Customised Fixed Rate Account makes planning ahead rewarding because now you can be earning a guaranteed rate of interest when you hold cash to cover future business expenses, such as your tax bills.  The account is flexible too so you can choose any maturity date from 60 days to five years. Take control of your savings.

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FSCS ProtectedWhen you save with Aldermore you have the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your money is protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme. Please bear in mind that any deposits you have above the limit are unlikely to be covered.

What is a Customised Fixed Rate Account?

The Customised Fixed Rate account is a business savings account where you can save on your own terms.

  • You can choose a maturity date to suit you
  • You can maximise the return on your savings with a fixed rate of interest until the exact date you want your money back
  • You don't need to remember to withdraw your savings at the end of the term - unless you tell us that you'd like to reinvest, we will automatically return your money to you on your chosen date

Our Customised Fixed Rate Account

From 60 days to 5 years
1.05% to 2.25%
Choose your term

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Account balance after {{compareTerm}} months*

Including your initial balance
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Choice of fixed term from 60 days up to 5 years
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60 DAYS {{aldermoreProduct.RatesCfra.MinimumInterestAnnual}} AER^
You could earn {{cfraKeyString}} {{interestEarnings | currency: '£' : 0}} {{interestEarningKeyString}} over {{compareTerm}} months with Aldermore
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Choice of fixed term from 60 days up to 5 years
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Gross Annual Interest
Account balance after {{ compareTerm }} months* Including your initial balance
Gross Annual Interest
Account balance after {{compareTerm}} months* Including your initial balance
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Gross Annual Interest
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Account balance after 12 months* Including your initial balance
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*AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

Please read the Customised Fixed Rate Summary Box and Business Savings Terms and Conditions before you open an account.

Customised Fixed Rate Account Summary Box

Account name

Customised Fixed Rate Account

 What is the interest rate?

Term  Gross Annual Interest   Gross Monthly Interest  AER*
From 60 days to 5 years   From 1.05% to 2.25%  From 1.04% to 2.23%  From 1.05% to 2.25% 

Interest is calculated daily, and paid monthly or at maturity.
You can choose to have your interest paid to either your Customised Fixed Rate Account or your nominated UK bank or building society account.

Can Aldermore change the interest rate?

No, the interest rate is fixed and will not change for the term. 

What would the estimated balance be at maturity based on two example deposit amounts?

Deposit at
 Account Opening 
Term  Balance at Term End   Interest Earned 
£1,000 60 Days £1,001.73 £1.73
£75,000 60 Days £75,129.45 £129.45
£1,000 5 Years £1,112.50 £112.50
£75,000 5 Years  £83,437.50 £8,437.50

These are only examples and do not take into account your individual circumstances.
The examples assume that no further deposits or withdrawals are made and that interest earned is paid to this account at maturity.

How do I open and manage my account?

- To open an account you must be a UK-based business, where all directors and beneficial owners of that business are aged 18 or over, resident in the UK and only tax resident in the UK

- Business Savings does not accept client money nor provide accounts to be held in trust, and our accounts cannot be held by US Persons

- You can open and manage your account online. We will accept instructions in relation to the account through our Internet Banking Service by secure message, by telephone or by post

- The minimum deposit required to open this account is £1,000

- The maximum balance for this account is £1,000,000

- You can choose any term from 60 days to 5 years

Can I withdraw money?

- No withdrawals, transfers out or closures permitted before the maturity date

- In exceptional circumstances we may permit early withdrawals from or closure of the account prior to the maturity date but this is at our discretion, subject to evidence we will request, and we are not obliged to do so. In the event that we grant permission, we may make an interest deduction as follows:
  - 60 – 179 days’ term – 30 days’ interest deduction
  - 180 – 366 days’ term – 90 days’ interest deduction
  - 367 days’ term or greater – 180 days’ interest deduction

- We will contact you 21 days before your account matures detailing your options and enabling you to give us your maturity instructions. An additional reminder will be issued around 14 days prior to your account maturing

- Unless you tell us that you’d like to reinvest, we will automatically return your money to your nominated account. This can take up to two business days

Additional information

- Interest is paid gross without the deduction of income tax

- If you change your mind within 14 days of opening your account we will cancel your account without penalty or notice

  *AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year

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