The 'think on your feet-ers'

You aren’t afraid to make quick decisions to help your business flourish. You understand the value of time.

When the chips are down, you get creative, responding to a changing situation with adaptability, innovation and the courage to try new things.

You’re one of the 2.9 million SMES who have adapted their business in response to the pandemic.  You may have increased your communication with customers and clients, moved your business online or turned to new markets for new business.

Take a look at our guides on how to protect and grow your business.

The top 3 ways SMEs have adapted their business during the pandemic




The top 3 things that SMEs are anticipating as an impact of Covid-19




Research conducted by Opinium Research between 3 and 13 July 2020 with a nationally representative sample of 1,006 senior decision makers in UK SMEs. Survey numbers have been extrapolated to calculate a national average.