Contract Finance

Fund your business growth ambitions by releasing cash from your contracts, when you need it.
Let's get started

Let's get started

Fast access to working capital to help you grow your business

If your business operates under contracts, we’ll work with you to create the ideal funding solution to give you the support and confidence to focus on your business. 

Contract Finance acts as a financial safety net by advancing funds against your contractual billing, so when you want to pay your staff and suppliers or take on ambitious new projects, there’s no need to wait for your customers' payments first.

If you or your business:

  • Supply goods and/or services under contract, over a prescribed period of time, and at a defined price
  • Have an annual sales turnover of above £250,000
  • Want to protect yourself against unexpected late payments or project delays
  • Need a working capital boost to take on that new contract and supplier

Once your facility has been approved, accessing your money is straightforward:

  • Submit your billing to us
  • We’ll release an agreed percentage of the value of the billing to you (minus our fee), usually within 24 hours
  • Once your customer makes a payment to us, we release the remainder to you

To give you the confidence of knowing exactly what you’ll pay, our fees are split into three clearly separate parts:

Set up costs Facility fee- this is a one off cost at the start of your facility. This covers the set up costs; including the standard legal documentation
Account fees

Service fee – you’ll be charged a percentage of your turnover reflecting the size of your business. This covers the day to day costs of servicing your account, and includes credit management with a confidential debt collection service and/or bad debt protection if required

Discount fee – this is charged on your actual borrowings and is calculated as a percentage of the funds advanced to you

Ad hoc service fees Additional fees – these are for services provided outside of the normal day to day facility when you need extra support from us. We will always be open and honest with you if additional services mean additional fees


Our fees are always competitive and transparent. We'll be sure to go through them with you before we start working with you so they're all agreed.

Waiting on payments isn't uncommon in any industry, but we understand it can be really problematic if your customers leave their bills unpaid.

We’ll work with you regularly to review your contracts, suppliers and future cash flow requirements, to help you plan ahead and identify any potential issues before they become a problem.


At a glance

  • Timely access to your cash - with funding usually advanced within 24 hours
  • An expert team behind you - applying our long-established track record of funding contractual debt to help your business
  • Peace of mind - our understanding of your contracts could help identify any potential issues before they happen
  • Personal approach – we’ll make sure you know all your day-to-day contacts at Aldermore personally
  • Transparent - we’ll keep you informed every step of the way; clearly explaining how the facility will work and what it will cost


Our Invoice Finance products

Invoice Finance

Construction Finance

Construction Finance releases funding when you need it by advancing cash against your uncertified applications for payment or staged invoices.

Invoice Finance


  • 4.6/5 (30 reviews)

Factoring can help your business grow by giving you fast access to the working capital locked up in your unpaid invoices, with the added benefit of a credit control service to free up your valuable resources.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Discounting

  • 4.9/5 (9 reviews)

Access our funding to help realise your growth ambitions by converting up your unpaid invoices into ready capital. 

Invoice Finance

Bad Debt Protection

Bad Debt Protection protects your business against the impact of a customer insolvency or non-payment.

Invoice Finance

Trade Finance

We can make payments directly to your UK or overseas suppliers, reducing the stress on your cash flow whilst you grow your order book.

Invoice Finance

Asset Based Lending

Release the cash value held within your existing assets, like stock, machinery and property to raise the funding you need.