Planet Granite

Planet Granite is one of the UK’s leading granite worktop producers. In October 2016 they seized the opportunity to diversify their business by installing a new state of the art water jet cutter...

How did they achieve their ambitions?

Steve Murphy, MD of Warwickshire based Planet Granite has a long-term vision, to build his business into a “cutting edge”, future-proof business his children will be proud to inherit.

Steve comments:

“Stone cutting in the UK has changed very little over the years with most businesses using the traditional diamond saw to cut their stone.  I’d seen what the water jet cutters more commonly used in the US and Australia could do, and realised that if I wanted to be at the cutting edge, then I needed to invest! The new kit would allow me to diversify as it can cut anything from porcelain to steel and the level of precision allows for the creation of incredibly intricate designs.

Steve has already seen the potential for branching out into so many new areas which wouldn’t have been possible using traditional equipment.

“I have created some amazing metalwork for a restaurant in Dubai and have cut the gaskets for the 250 Limited Edition Jaguar F-Types made in Coventry.  Having seen the response from my customers and the potential to diversify into a range of new markets, I’m working on a new Planet Water Jet dedicated website to showcase some of the amazing things we have been able to produce – including the T Rex in our showroom cut from stone resin.  This will help us to reach a far wider audience and grow our customer base across the UK and beyond.”

The people make a difference

“Apart from my house it’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought, so clearly it was a risk, and I needed finance from a company who could see the potential as only one other firm in the UK has one. "

Steve’s broker, Mark Redman, Director of XL Business Finance adds:

“Great companies like Steve’s should be able to access the best rates and great service and that’s what Aldermore offer.  They really look after the client and are easy to deal with. I like to work with real people who treat every business and deal individually and that’s what makes Aldermore stand out.”

About Aldermore

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