Broker Training Academy – Sales Skills roundup

Since 2014 we have trained over 500 Asset Finance brokers through the Aldermore Broker Training Academy. In 2019 we are holding seven events in total offering brokers the opportunity to complete one of our core three modules: Sales Skills, Principles of Asset Finance and Regulatory.

The second Sales Skills workshop of 2019 was held at our offices in Reading last week. The session focused on the ‘art of selling’ and we were delighted to welcome renowned sales development coach, Duncan Campbell to take attendees through the intricacies of selling.

The objective for the module is to provide brokers with the right tools to enable them to provide the best service to their clients. Duncan guided attendees through a two day interactive workshop that covered many areas; here is a snapshot of the key take-outs:

  1. Selling isn’t just about the solution. You have to show trust-ability.

Putting your customer’s best interests first is crucial. You have to show how much you’re prepared to put yourself out to help them. Sales people can be accused at only coming alive at ‘deal time’ but the secret to earning genuine trust is what you do outside of this.

  1. Active listening is essential to building rapport. The key is to ‘get interested’

This is about being consciously focusing on the other person. There are many techniques for building rapport, however there is no substitute for taking a real and genuine interest in what the other person is saying.

  1. Use the 80/20 rule to prioritise your time.

Your time is precious. And deciding where you spend it, and what you’re spending it on, is essential to effective selling. The Pareto Principle (80:20 rule) is a good simple rule of thumb. Other factors such as future potential, strategic alignment and strength of existing relationship can also be effective guides.

  1. Remember the 4Ps of conversation… Personal, Pre-amble, Purpose and Permission.

The 4Ps can be a useful way to open up a conversation to someone new or even someone you know. It’s all very simple and something we encounter every day but applying a more methodical approach can make all the difference.

  1. Handle pushback adult-to-adult.

Transactional analysis tells us that emotionally intelligent people communicate on an adult-to-adult basis. If people interact with us from either a ‘parent’ ego state or a ‘child’ ego state, the key is to bring them back to the point where the conversation can continue from an ‘adult-to-adult’ perspective. ‘You, Me, Agree’ is a strong high-level structure for handling pushback.    


While, of course, such techniques can only ever be used as a guideline opposed to a hard and fast rule to guaranteed success, Duncan showed how a more understanding and systematic approach to selling can make all the difference when it comes to closing a deal.


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