Our brand

Banking as it should be, not banking as it has been.

At Aldermore, we have planted the seeds for a better way of banking for Britain.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, many customers had lost faith in their banks. The institutions who they’d entrusted their money to were gradually becoming more and more disconnected from their needs, with processes and policies that made things far more difficult than they needed to be.

It was in response to this that Aldermore was founded. We're proud to do things differently and our three brand pillars of exceptional service, total transparency and community run through everything we do – from keeping our customers fully informed at every stage of their dealings with us to giving something back at a local level.

We’re working hard to provide specialist finance for small and medium-size businesses, straightforward savings accounts and award- winning mortgages. By using the deposits raised by savers in Britain, we help keep the housing market moving and help fund the growth of British businesses. We're doing our bit for the British economy – getting funding moving in the UK.

By choosing Aldermore, as a business, homeowner or saver, not only can you be sure of straightforward products, exceptional service and consistently good rates, you'll also be part of something much bigger.

So what makes us different?

Our values

Our values comprise of four core characteristics. It is the unique combination of these traits that makes Aldermore the organisation it is and as such these values are threaded through everything we do.

  • Reliable: We never overpromise, but we are consistent and always get straight to the point. We are empathetic to your needs, ensuring products and services deliver on our promises, whilst being fair, open and consistent in all that we undertake.
  • Expert: We know our stuff. Our focus is on continuously sharing our knowledge and expertise, as well as being clear and approachable in our delivery.
  • Dynamic: We know situations change and are agile enough to adapt to changing circumstances. We take pride in our entrepreneurial flair and natural ability to innovate, not only with products and services but in our highly inventive approach to processes and procedures too.
  • Straightforward: If we can’t explain something simply, then it’s too complicated. We are clear and concise in our product offerings and supporting services whilst being effective and efficient.

Our brand pillars

Based on feedback from our customers, we have defined three brand pillars – our foundation stones to help us build a bank that acts differently through our products, service and behaviours.

Exceptional Service

In financial services, products available from different banks can look similar. At Aldermore, we stand out because of the exceptional and personal service we provide. We’ll always do what’s right for our customers.

  • Convenient banking by phone, online and face to face
  • No branches or queues to worry about
  • We scour the market to check how we’re doing against others
  • We consistently seek new ways of doing things to make banking better
  • Our people are always happy to talk and help
  • Our people have in-depth knowledge of all our products and services
  • Every customer request is important to us, so we keep it on record
  • Where possible, our managing directors personally contact customers who have a serious complaint


Total Transparency

As a relatively new bank, we’re not weighed down with legacy issues. We can be absolutely open and transparent about how we operate. We’ve nothing to hide and never try to trick customers into taking out a product they don’t need – what they see is what they get.

  • Clear, consistent product pricing
  • Published ratings and unedited customer reviews on our website
  • Straightforward business structure
  • People you can speak to if anything needs explaining
  • We keep customers and brokers fully informed
  • We always tell you when things change
  • Where we can, we tell customers where our rates can be compared



Many people think that banks have lost touch with their customers. At Aldermore, we’re a British bank with a difference. We play our part in helping make Britain great by taking our British based saver deposits and lending these out to homeowners and small businesses across the country. We also aim to give something back to our communities – whether that’s providing our quarterly SME Cost Inflation Report to our SME community or giving something back to our local supporters through our fundraising efforts.

  • The deposits we look after are only ever loaned in the UK
  • Our people and premises are located in the UK, close to the communities we serve
  • We enthusiastically support UK government schemes, such as Help to Buy
  • Our own culture mirrors that of other SMEs, so we understand the needs of our customers’ communities
  • Our partnership with Visionpath Education and their SKILL! programme supports young entrepreneurs in schools to develop core skills for the future


> Find out more about our support for the communities we operate in.

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