Haulage firms deserve the same level of support as Olympic athletes

POSTED: 16th July 2012
IN: Newsroom

Aldermore, the new British challenger bank, says that UK hauliers deserve a similar level of support as Olympic athletes if the industry is to successfully compete against European firms.

Damon Walford, Managing Director of Aldermore Invoice Finance, explains: "We all want British athletes to perform well in the forthcoming games and they have, quite rightly, been given substantial support and the enthusiastic backing of an appreciative nation. A successful games will give the UK a much-needed lift and help put the economy back on the road to recovery.

"However, the road to economic recovery requires UK hauliers, who transport the goods we manufacture and sell, to be able compete on a level playing field against foreign haulage firms. At the moment, British transport firms are typically paying 30p* or more per litre for diesel than their European counterparts, which is like asking our Olympic athletes to win medals with one arm tied behind their backs.

"We need to recognise the fundamentally important part hauliers play in the UK economy. If we want British businesses to perform at the top of their game, they need to know they can rely on a competitive transport sector. The UK haulage industry, which comprises approximately 50,000 transport firms and 425,000 vehicles, is the lifeblood of British business and an uncompetitive haulage sector means an uncompetitive economy.

"If the Chancellor really does want to increase the value of UK exports to £1 trillion this decade, as he has stated, he needs to support haulage firms."

Aldermore has called on government to help UK hauliers by addressing the 3 Ps:

Postpone - the planned 3p increase in diesel fuel duty altogether (at the moment, the proposal is to postpone the planned 3p increase from August 1st to January 2013)

Parity - create greater equality between fuel prices in the UK and the rest of Europe

Promote- the importance of the haulage industry to the British economy

Aldermore is also continuing to support the Fair Fuel UK campaign for lower fuel costs.

Or tweet your support on #3pfairfuel


* The UK haulage industry is at a significant disadvantage against European competitors, who pay as little as 106p per litre for diesel in Spain, 111p in Austria and just 96p in Luxemburg (even in Germany and France, diesel prices are significantly lower at 115p and 118p respectively). The average UK diesel price per litre, for comparison purposes, is 139p per litre. Data source: AA Fuel Price Report June 2012.


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