Financial savings regret for 40% of employed over-50s, survey finds

POSTED: 5th February 2013
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It is never too soon to begin thinking about retirement provision, which can be made up of a pension and other savings accounts to ensure a comfortable later life.

undefinedResearch from Friends Life has shed light on a number of older workers that would perhaps turn back the time and begin saving sooner.

The study showed 40 per cent of over-50s still in employment regret not beginning their pension saving earlier. 

In fact, just 25 per cent of people questioned said they were happy with the amount of finance they had built up in their 20s, 30s and 40s for retirement.

Managing director of corporate benefits at Friends Life Colin Williams suggested the roll out of automatic enrolment would help to plug this level of dissatisfaction for pension savers in the years to come.

"Auto-enrolment should help make this possible, by enabling more workers to start saving for the first time and easing the burden for those on lower incomes via a low starting rate for contributions," he said.

A Cash Isa can be a great starting point for savers thinking about medium to long-term financial goals, with the money put aside protected from tax on the interest paid by the bank.

This helps savers to maximise their funds, whether they plan to use it as part of their retirement provision or to invest in other areas of their lives.

By practising good saving habits sooner rather than later, people can help to ensure they have the right finances in place when the time comes to exit the workforce.

The Friends Life study showed 62 per cent of employed over-50s have never increased the amount they pay into their pensions. 

However, Mr Williams reminded them that they have around 15 years left in the workforce to bulk up their pension provision.

He said: "Our message to those who missed saving earlier in their careers is that there's still time to make a difference." 

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