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POSTED: 7th September 2012
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Last week, Aldermore were featured in the Daily Mail as guest columnist Kevin Mountford highlighted our Easy Access savings account in an article for the paper's Money Section.

In a piece focusing on falling saving rates, Kevin, the Head of Banking at MoneySupermarket, commended Aldermore for having one of the most-rewarding accounts for savers. The piece promoted our Easy Access account; an account which pays 2.75 per cent on balances above £1,000.

Kevin Mountford's piece highlights the issues facing many consumers looking to make the most of their savings; that the market has changed considerably since the credit crunch and economic downturn. Writing in the article, he commented:

"Before the financial crisis, banks and building societies used their retail savings proposition to both attract and retain customers whilst at the same time support their balance sheet requirements. This was at a time when wholesale, bank-to-bank funding was readily available and as such there was an alternative to what was relatively costly retail money….[Now] we see greater volatility in play and rates will ebb and flow based on market demand and competitiveness at any given time."

At Aldermore, we're championing savers with our straightforward savings accounts, providing customers with simple funding solutions designed to support their needs. The Aldermore Fixed Rate savings account protects your money from interest rate fluctuations. It provides peace of mind, transparency (our rates aren't inflated by bonuses or introductory offers) and it's fast and easy to set up. You can find more about our Easy Access saving accounts here.


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