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POSTED: 24th October 2016
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Whether you’re looking to get your home sale-ready, up its rental value or simply give it a new lease of life, we’ve got seven quick win home improvements that’ll transform your living space without costing the earth.

Fed up with staring at the same four walls? Well, it might be time to give your home a much needed facelift. Home improvement doesn’t have to be a long, arduous task; there are plenty of quick win jobs you can complete over a weekend or two.

Not to mention, if you’re looking to put your house on the market in the coming months, a few clever decorating tricks can not only add value to a property, but can also lead to a quick sale. So, before you fork out for an interior designer, take a look at these quick and cost effective home improvement jobs that’ll transform your home.

Small but effective projects

blue painted feature wallAdd a painted feature wall

blue painted feature wall

Adding a splash of colour to a room can completely refresh its look and feel, drawing the eye to a focal point. Maybe the chimney breast or the wall with the TV on it? Simple, yet high impact. Pots of paint tend to range from around £10 - £20, making it an easy and cost effective way of reinventing a living space.


Change-up your door handles

A simple trick to give your home that new-build feel is to swap any old, tatty door handles for shiny, new alternatives. With new door handles available from just £5 from big department stores or independent small businesses, replacing your existing handles can be a very lucrative way of sprucing up your interiors. If you’re feeling quirky, mismatch designs and colours for the kitchen cupboards to complement your appliances and accessories.


chair and footrestDe-clutter


Last year, research by removal company, Clearabee discovered that UK households are wasting £259 billion worth of space storing junk. Getting rid of unused furniture, old clothes and hoarded possessions can work wonders when trying to sell a property, especially as it gives the illusion of more space. If you’re guilty of not throwing stuff away, be ruthless and have a good clear out. Cheap storage boxes are available at local markets or pound shops, so you’ve no excuse to not bring some order to the mess!


Revamp the layout

Redecorating doesn’t always mean filling your home with new accessories and giving the walls a lick of paint; you can, in fact, make the place feel brand new by just rearranging your existing furniture. If done correctly, such as by strategically placing mirrors, you can increase the amount of light and space in a room, making a house far more appealing if you’re putting it on the market. Cost – zero!


Brightly coloured cushionsChange your colour palette


If you’re looking to completely reinvent a space without having to buy new furniture, changing your colour scheme can transform your living areas. If you’re simply trying to give your home a new look, adding a new rug or cushion in a contrasting colour can give the impression of a redesign. However, if you’re thinking about putting your property up for sale, replacing dark, rich wall colours with lighter, fresher alternatives will make your home feel brighter and more spacious.


Dye old curtains

Before you spend money on a fresh set of curtains, it’s worth considering whether you can dye your old ones first. If you’re giving a room a new colour scheme, try dying your current curtains to match that new feature wall you just painted or those recently acquired bright cushions. With fabric dye available from just £5, you could save a fortune on the cost of new fabrics.


Create your own wall art

Think your walls are looking a little dull? Well, why not try sprucing them up by making your own art? If you’re rather handy with a paint brush, you can co-ordinate the tones of your artwork with the rest of your room’s colour palette. Blank canvases are available from as little as £3, making this decorating trick very cost effective. Not particularly arty? You can also get photos printed on canvases from as little as £6 or frame pieces of wallpaper to complement a particular room. Give the kids an excuse to get messy and let them loose with a paintbrush on a canvas for a personalised, family feel.


House with extensionBigger home improvement jobs


If you want to transform your home on a much larger scale however, you may need to think about a few finance options before getting stuck into your home improvement project. Whether you want to build an extension, add a conservatory or landscape your garden, it’s essential you ensure the project is fully feasible before you start.


If you’re thinking about remortgaging your property to raise the money for home improvement jobs, it’s important to consider both the benefits and costs of the process.

If you do want to remortgage, we consider every application on an individual basis in order to find the best mortgage solution to suit your needs. Take a look at our remortgaging pages to find out how we could help you finance your next big project.

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