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POSTED: 13th August 2015
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Aldermore invites savers to share their best advice for making their money go that little bit further during the summer holiday season.

undefinedBack in November, Aldermore turned to savings experts on Twitter to gather useful suggestions for enjoying Christmas on a budget, discovering a selection of clever ideas to help UK households celebrate for less. Now, as the summer season approaches, the Bank is once again inviting the Twitter community to share their top saving secrets, this time to help Britons make the most of their holidays. Starting from the 11th of May running right through June, a new tip will be added each week.

From advice on how to maximise the amount of spending money put aside before setting off, to recommendations on where to find bargains while abroad, Aldermore wants to hear how you stay savvy when it comes to summer spending.

Share your suggestions with the Bank on Twitter and the best ones will be chosen to feature on the blog, with a new tip added each week.

Money-saving blogger Maggie Owen, better known as ‘The Maggie Magpie’, dedicates a page of her site to finding the best articles online for advice on saving money on travel and holidays. She recommends savers avoid using their credit cards too often while abroad, since many may charge fees for purchases made overseas. Owen also suggests using mobile voucher apps, which can be an effective way to discover money-off deals for transport, attractions and food and drink while travelling.


undefinedAndy Webb is the founder of financial advice and voucher site Be Clever With Your Cash, and has also written for The Money Advice Service, Money Saving Expert and the BBC’s Money Programme. He advocates opting to pay in foreign currency when given several options, since prices expressed in pounds usually don’t offer the same value for money, particularly when paying by card.




Ashley Lennon runs Skint in the City, a lifestyle blog offering advice to help Brits save money in a wide variety of everyday situations, from budget home decorating to cutting the cost of mobile phone tariffs. She offers one simple tip for savers travelling abroad this summer: buy your sun tan lotion before you leave.

Since the price of holiday essentials can vary greatly between countries, as Lennon points out, it’s also worth checking how prices compare before leaving the UK to decide how much spending money to take. For example, local data suggests a three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will cost £75.70 in Oslo, Norway, compared to just £18.51 in Budapest, Hungary.

undefinedAlongside her partner, keen budgeter Natalya has paid down £25,000 worth of debt since 2013 through a wide variety of money-saving initiatives, documenting her journey and sharing saving tips via the ’Cottage Retreatist’ blog. Regularly posting cost-efficient weekly meal plans and recipes to the blog, Natalya also advises preparing food for days out while on holiday in order to cut back on the cost of dining out.




Money Saving Movement is a social enterprise working to ‘create a financially healthier and happier world’ through research, education and initiatives carried out in collaboration with key community partners.  The organisation’s team on Twitter recommends taking out a pre-payment card before travelling this summer, which can save consumers from facing additional charges when taking out money from cash points abroad. There are a number of pre-paid card options available, and exchange rates, top-up charges, withdrawal fees, application costs and replacement fees will all vary with each type, so it’s worth shopping around to get the most cost-efficient option.

undefinedCheshire-based Angela Webster runs money-saving blog ‘Adventures in Websterland’, explaining clever ways her family cuts back on spending and sharing links to other useful online budgeting resources. The mum of two believes preparation is the key to keeping costs in check during the summer, recommending holidaymakers research free activities and discount deals for their destination before heading abroad.




Run by the Citizens Advice Bureau, MoneyWise Haringey is a free service offering local residents advice on managing their finance through workshops, events and social media posts. They recommend home-swap services as a more cost-effective alternative to hotels and holiday lets, since holidaymakers will usually only need to pay a membership fee in exchange for free accommodation.



Emma Mumford is the UK’s self-confessed Coupon Queen, with over 170,000 people visiting her Extreme Couponing and Deals website to discover money-saving vouchers and bargains. She reminds savers not to overlook the cost of mobile phone charges while overseas, explaining that it’s worth researching international bundles before travelling to minimise the cost of calls, texts and data.




undefinedGina Caro is the Editor for blogging network Mumsnet in the Plymouth and Devon regions. She runs her own blog with a weekly Thrifty Thursday feature listing links to helpful money-saving resources. Caro points out that the difficulty of understanding prices in different currencies can cause holiday-makers to lose track of their spending. She recommends currency converter apps as a simple way to stay on top of costs.




undefinedAs Editor of online budgeting magazine Student Money Saver, Charlotte Burns is an expert at tracking down cost-effective deals and discovering clever ways to make money go further. She encourages savers looking to hire a car on holiday to think carefully about the level of insurance coverage they require and check for the best rates online before leaving Britain to avoid paying more at the airport.




undefinedUnder the pen-name Thrifty Blogger, writer Jess shares advice on making money go further, focusing particularly on fashion, beauty and lifestyle purchases. She advises holidaymakers to physically separate cash out into daily budgets while abroad to avoid overspending, reserving any leftover funds for use the next day or to put towards long-term savings goals.




undefinedAndy Webb is a senior writer for the Money Advice Service, having previously worked as a journalist, researcher and producer at the BBC and He blogs in a personal capacity at Be Clever With Your Cash, demonstrating ways for consumers to save in order to fund life-changing events.




Ricky Willis has been blogging about personal finance from his own blog, Skint Dad, since 2013 after he began to realise that he and his family were surviving on the breadline and he vowed to turn his life around. Father to three girls, Ricky is well placed to offer tips and advice on summer saving.






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