What should I ask when buying a property?

POSTED: 4th March 2013
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Once you have made the decision to invest in a property, and you have a first-time buyer mortgage secured, remember to question, quiz and question again.

undefinedThis principle applies to the property you are thinking about buying as you do not want to move into a new home unaware of its disadvantages.

First of all, ask to visit the property at least three times at different hours of the day to see how it looks in certain forms of light.

You are unlikely to want a dark and dreary home but that is exactly what you might land if you can’t be sure a large obstruction is preventing the sun from lighting up the living room, for example. 

You will also want to speak to neighbours in the area. Not just those next door, who may be bias, but the wider community. That way you can gauge if this is an area you would fit into and if the people you are buying from are trustworthy.

You can also obtain crime records from the local police department to see if the area is vulnerable to petty theft, for instance. Failure to do your homework could leave you sorely disappointed so it is worth the effort.

Quiz the people you are thinking about buying from. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they have had much interest in the property and how long it has been on the market. You will be able to tell a lot from their responses and how they react to these questions.

It is also worth asking for a utility bill and which council tax band the property lies in. While the home might seem perfect, it could prove vastly expensive if it fails to be energy efficient and comes with a lot of added costs.

Lastly, find out from the owners what is included in the cost of the property. Will they be taking every curtain and carpet with them or will these be left to the new owner?

After these bases have been covered, you should be one step closer to deciding if this is the right home for you. 

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