8 reasons why buying a car is the best feeling ever

POSTED: 28th September 2016
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Everyone knows that buying a car is awesome, right? In fact, we think it’s actually one of the greatest feelings you can experience.

After all, it’s the second biggest purchase most people make after a house. From that delightful new-car smell to running your fingers along the clean, untouched steering wheel, a new car can be like a new friend; exciting, interesting and there for you for the long haul.


Whether you’re considering a shiny motor or not, it’s always good to reminisce about that distinctive new-car feeling. With this in mind, here are our top reasons why purchasing a flawless new car is oh-so good! 




1. You’ll be the envy of all your neighbours

Although you won’t ever catch them looking, there will be curtain twitching. You can guarantee that a new car will have the neighbours peeking through the blinds at your new four-wheeled friend and, no doubt, discussing you over dinner. Admit it, we’ve all done it.


2. You won’t get bored of being your children’s personal taxi driver, hurray!

School runs and sports club drop offs never seemed so appealing. In a new car, you’ll re-ignite that love for driving you discovered when you first passed your test all those years ago. In fact, you might even start offering to be the unpaid taxi driver just so you can check out your reflection in the wing mirror. Why not see if anyone needs anything from the supermarket? Maybe Dave next door needs some milk, of course you can offer to pop out for it…


3. You can save money

New cars are usually more energy efficient, which means you could spend less money on fuel and have more money for the important things – like car cleaning products and new car mats. Fuel efficiency is getting better, which means swapping that old gas-guzzler for a more eco-friendly model can be kind to your wallet and the environment.


4. No more breakdown blues

With a new car, family members being stood on the hard shoulder in the rain is something that happens to other people, not you. Your reliable vehicle is your new friend, and your new friend is unlikely to leave you stuck at the side of the motorway on your journey to visit friends in Cornwall.


5. You’ll be the go-to car pro

Know about the latest plate, the newest model or the latest in-car tech? A new car broadens your horizons and you’ll soon become an expert. Your friends will be asking what you recommend, you’ll be interjecting in car conversations amongst co-workers and basically, you’ll look like you have your finger on the pulse of the latest releases. James Bond has nothing on you.


6. You can pretend you’re good at parking

With many new models coming with parking sensors, cameras, even self-parking, you’ll soon appear to be the best driver on the planet. This means there’ll be no more colleagues sarcastically saying “Nice parking this morning…” Instead, it’ll be said with complete admiration.


7. You’ll have more space

Car design is regularly evolving; so the interior of your new car will be more streamlined, but at the same time offer so much more. Don’t worry, you’ll still have trusty cup holders for takeaway coffees, but now there’ll be even more space for your children’s necessities (because who doesn’t need more room for empty crisp packets and old magazines?).


8. You’ll look really swanky

Says it all really, doesn’t it? However, just remember that driving with the windows down can make your passengers cold, even if it does mean everyone on the pavement can see you cruising in your new carriage.


If you want to get back that all exciting, new-car feeling, is now a good time for you to do it?

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